How we can help your startup

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I've received help with my startup, but just don't know whether it's good advice?
  • I've listened to other founders share their personal experiences, but I don't know whether their lessons apply to me?
  • I've read some good tips, but how do I put them into practice?
  • I'm building a startup... I don't have time to go out and seek lots of opinions!
  • Umm... Where do I even find help with my business?

Starteer helps entrepreneurs build great businesses.

  • Mentors who provide great, practical advice which is specific to your business.
  • More than just advice from founders, we advise organisations full time.
  • We're relentlessly learning what makes startups succeed, so we can bring you the experience of many startups.
  • We'll find out what works, so you make less mistakes and grow faster.
Get your business started
Find out what steps to take to start a business and in what order to do them.
Validate your startup idea
Learn how to test whether your idea has a market and find customers.
Build a product people love
Focus your effort on doing the right things and keeping customers happy.
Hire a dream team
Discover how to build a team with all the right ingredients for success.
Grow your business
Manage your growth in a sustainable way and scale at the right time.
Get funded
Create a funding pitch that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Latest advice

Looking for some practical general advice? Check out our latest posts below or find them all here.

Get started

Starteer works with startups at any stage, with three different options based on the type of help you’re looking for:

  • Fee for service: Pay as you go advisory sessions
  • Monthly subscription: All the help you need, whenever you need it. Cancel any time
  • Equity arrangement: A long term founder-advisor relationship leveraging the standard Founder Advisor Standard Template agreement

Fill out the contact form to let us know what you could use some help with.

Want help with your startup? We’re happy to have an initial 30-minute chat for nothing more than your feedback afterwards.




We want more startups to win

“Before founding Starteer, I advised senior executives on technology, strategy and innovation for over a decade, including several years in a leading consultancy helping deliver some of Australia’s largest technology implementations. Before that I designed and built technology infrastructure solutions.

I’ve spent countless hours learning how hundreds of founders have built their companies, understanding what works and what doesn’t, and travelling to Silicon Valley to learn from leading founders and investors.

I’m passionate about helping founders succeed. From getting started pursuing your business idea right through to raising capital, hiring and managing culture.” Read more

Team member
Pete Moore
Founder & Mentor
Pete Moore
Founder & Mentor
Pete Moore
Founder & Mentor