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Plan Your Exit

Sell-side M&A advisor John Ratliff shares his best practices for maximising the value of your business exit – including the all important idea of Rembrandts in the Attic – how to go from a financial transaction to a strategic sale.

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Hacking Growth? There’s a Better Way

Sustaining long-term growth requires a scientific approach. Hacking implies a haphazard approach and the reality is quite the opposite. A better way is to design growth with a robust system that strikes the right balance between creativity and the scientific method, and critically, establishes the routines and discipline to make consistent progress.

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Five Practices to Drive Business Resilience

Over the past year we’ve observed several common practices distinguishing those businesses that have been able to make it through in better shape. They’re well positioned for the future and able to approach it with increased clarity and confidence.

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Building New Revenue Streams Fast

For many of our clients in the Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring Program, business resilience has meant building new revenue streams that aren’t reliant on in-person interaction. But ‘going digital’ isn’t just a matter of selling the same products online or...

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