Our Story

Dedicated to helping businesses reach their full potential.

It’s a rewarding experience helping business owners achieve their goals.

After years consulting to big business and government, seeing far too much time and effort wasted on activities that just weren’t important, I was inspired to make an impact where it matters…

Small businesses and startups simply can’t afford such waste.

Every dollar counts. Every minute counts.

Most founders are experts in their chosen field. Working in the business comes naturally but working on the business is much more difficult. There’s the constant trial and error. And of course, there just aren’t enough hours in the day…

That’s where Starteer comes in.

Unlike most agencies we combine expertise in strategy, marketing and customer experience – with your own product expertise – to work out the right initiatives to drive your business forward. Because real growth requires a wide range of skills working in harmony.

And we don’t stop there. We’ll run them too, whether it’s managing a digital marketing campaign to acquire more customers or improving the customer experience to retain them.

We believe in our ability to get results for our clients and are confident enough offer a satisfaction guarantee.

We aspire to be the starting point for Australian startups and small businesses seeking help to start, grow or scale.

Pete Moore
Pete Moore
Founder & Managing Director, Starteer

Our Approach

Putting our clients first. Every time.


Not every business is the right fit for us. We’re best for small businesses, startups and not for profits that are committed, funded and rely on digital for their product, market or both.


We don’t aim to be experts at everything. We’ll be honest with you about what we can’t do and will happily work with our trusted partners to deliver highly specialised services where necessary.


We’re focused on helping you achieve your business goals and saving you time, money and hassle. We’re confident enough to charge based on performance and offer a satisfaction guarantee.


We recognise that your business is the centre of your universe. That’s why we use low risk, rapid approaches to achieve results. We emphasise the use of data for decision making, but know it doesn’t give you all the answers.

Who We Help

Specialising in small businesses and startups.

Starting Up

We work with founders who are starting a business and want help with issues like validating a business idea, defining a business model and finding product-market fit.


We work with businesses that want to acquire more customers, retain more of their customers or increase revenues from their existing customers.

Scaling Up

We work with businesses that need to scale so they can grow further. That covers issues like how to recruit great people, how to automate processes and everything in between.

Breaking Free

We work with business owners who are struggling with the sheer volume of work needed to keep their business running. We help by finding opportunities to eliminate or automate tasks.

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Starteer is an Australian growth agency that helps businesses get more leads, increase sales and keep customers happy.

We specialise in business consulting, coaching and digital marketing.

Turn your business vision into reality.

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