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Helping ambitious companies to reach their full potential.

Starteer is a consultancy that helps emerging and mid-market companies to reach their full potential.

We work with founders and CEOs who are fully committed to improving their business. We support our clients through strategy development, growth planning, business architecture and facilitating strategic planning sessions with leadership teams.

Starteer works with clients Australia-wide and was founded by Pete Moore in 2017.

Prior to founding Starteer, Pete advised leaders in publicly-listed companies and government agencies in Australia and the UK for over 15 years, including several years in Deloitte’s management consulting practice, covering a range of strategy, operations and architectural challenges. He brings a unique blend of skills to client challenges, combining strategy and architecture expertise with customer experience, marketing, sales and finance.


Pete Moore
Pete Moore
Founder & Principal Consultant, Starteer

Our Approach

Maintaining the right fit

Not every business is the right fit for us. We can offer the greatest value for established small and mid-sized businesses, working directly with founders & CEOs who are fully committed to improving their business.

Genuine collaboration

It takes a range of functions working in harmony to grow a successful business. We work in collaboration with your digital marketing, website design and accounting professionals to align their efforts to your strategy.

Measurable results

We’re focused on helping you achieve your business goals and saving you time, money and hassle. We don’t provide advice that you can’t use. We operate on metrics that ensure we deliver a clear return-on-investment.

Fully tailored advice

We recognise that your business is the centre of your universe. Growth can be great, but it comes with risks as well. Our advice is fully tailored to your unique business vision and appetite for growth.

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Starteer is an Australian business advisory practice that that helps emerging and mid-market companies accelerate and sustain growth. We support leadership teams to make the right People, Strategy, Execution and Cash decisions on the way to building valuable companies.

Our services span growth advisory, fractional growth roles and strategic coaching using the globally renowned Scaling Up methodology as a certified practice.

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